LuxeOfTheWorld's selection of handbags comes from reputable vendors in Brazil that take extreme care when it comes to product authenticity.

Louis Vuitton - In most recent models the first two letters indicate where the piece was made, followed by four numbers which indicates the date. The most known styles are: Monogram, Damier Ebene e Damier Azur. The most used materials are: Canvas, Leather Epi and Vernis, and for male items Empreinte and Taiga leather. The leather gets darker with time which is considered "stylish". **Louis Vuitton pieces do not come with an authenticity card—please refer to the production date code within the bag for its age and as an authenticity reference.

Gucci: Gucci's characteristics can be recognised from the distance - the bamboo details and its stripes in green and red are iconic. Gucci has an internal tag which is normally made of leather with the logo and centralised MADE IN ITALY. At the back of the tag, there will be two rows with numbers with the first indicating the model. In more recent models, the handbags have a second fabric tag with a QR code. The material of Gucci bags are of highest quality with heavy hardware. The leather stamped with GG has to always be elevated.

Hermès: all bags are handmade taking about 48 hours to be completed. It is pretty clear when it is Hermès leather or a replica. Hermès leather (Togo e fjord) is very detailed and granular which is a determining characteristic when inspecting this piece of art.

Chanel: the internal adhesive is protected with a holographic layer with glitter (recent models). With more vintage models, the adhesive has a number and white background. The tag always have either MADE IN ITALY or MADE IN FRANCE, never PARIS. The Lambskin leather is of high quality and smooth.

Christian Dior: All Dior handbags are sold with a cotton Dust Bag with grey writing. The registration number is located in the back of the tag inside the handbag.