Split Payment Plan: "Buy Now Pay Later"

This is a LuxeOfTheWorld offer supported by "Split - Partial Order" which is paid via 3 Monthly Instalments - No transaction fee or interest applies

No Consumer Credit Check is required seeing this is a payment plan done directly with LuxeOfTheWorld which does not involve the provision of credit or a credit account.

Id verification is required for individual verification purposes which is done via the provision of a copy of Australian Drivers Licence from the buyer/ customer to LuxeOfTheWorld.

**How does it work?

As an example, if your order totals $1,500 the first payment of $500 will be processed up front, another payment of $500 will be debited in a month time and the last payment of $500 will be debited in two months time.

"Buy Now Pay Later" is enabled in the CART section. The below instructions must be followed for the payment plan to be reviewed - apologies for the manual work involved, this will eventually be automated.

1. Click on Split icon under the CART screen

2. Add the amount of each instalment that is the same as 1/3 of your order value in three payments (i.e $500 /  $500 /  $500 = Total: $1,500). Then hit save.

2. Split Payment will generate 3 links which you need to click on (the link starts with "#D"). Please click on the first link and you will be taken to the customer info screen within this website. This is where you will confirm your details, receive a code via SMS for verification and security purposes. Click on "Continue to Payment" in order to process payment for your first instalment via Credit Card.

Note: The first instalment link is for the first payment which is upfront. The other two links can be accessed in a month and two months time - the same process applies (Add customer details, CC details and process payment) If you close the links before making your first payment just go back to the CART and click on the Split icon again.

3. After making your first payment the links for the next two payments will be of easy access to you in the future and also to LuxeOfTheWorld, so we will reach out if need be BUT please pay for your 2nd and 3rd instalments around a month and two months from the date of your first payment or before that if you prefer in order not to become delinquent.

 **Split will only manage the instalments. ALL payments are securely processed via ShopifyPayments which is entirely within this platform**

Any questions please contact me at carla@luxeoftheworld.com.au or via the LiveChat option in the bottom right corner of this page.